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what is Geothermal Enerngy?

Geothermal Energy!


What is it?

Simply put, Geothermal Energy is energy sourced from the earth's core. This energy is in the form of hot water reservoirs at varying temperatures and depths below the surface. When harvested, geothermal energy can power anything that is powered with fossil fuel.

Why should you know about it? 

This naturally sourced energy not only is sustainable but it comes with a host of benefits, such as:

Being Clean - Geothermal energy produces no greenhouse gasses.

It is Renewable - The heat at the earth's core is continuously being replenished and will be available for billions of years.

Benefits Domestically - The use of Geothermal energy can reduce the need for foreign imports of fossil fuel.

These benefits are just to name a few. The individual benefits for households and businesses to convert to Geothermal Energy are:

    Lower overall utility cost


    Lower Maintenance cost

    Better temperature control year round

So Geothermal Energy is sustainable, cost effective and reliable energy, that can be a beneficial switch for your family and business.

Still have question? click the link below to contact Wolfe Contracting LLC today to learn more or, for an in-person evaluation or quote.

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what is HVAC?

Let's get an understanding of what is HVAC and the specialist skilled in the HVAC industry.


HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

A HVAC specialist are certified contractors skilled in installation, servicing and maintenance of HVAC units both in home and commercially.

However, a HVAC specialist can cover a host of services related to Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. These services can include:

    Seasonal HVAC maintenance (recommended        in the Spring for Summer and Fall for  Winter)

    Parts and Services



    Emergency/After hours service

Just to name a few. At Wolfe Contracting LLC our specialist and certified technicians cover all of this plus Same-Day service for emergency jobs!


Contact us today, to see how Wolfe Contracting LLC, a second generation owned company, can provide you with the residential or commercial HVAC services you need!

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